Today Show: Todd Davis Responds to String of Organized Attacks

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From The NBC Today Show:

Todd Davis, CEO of an identity-theft protection service called LifeLock, kept putting his Social Security number in TV commercials and daring somebody to take it. So he shouldn’t have been surprised when an identity thief did just that.

But Davis says it just proves that his LifeLock identity protection service works.

“My Social Security number has been out there for two years,� the jovial exec told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Friday. “There’s been one instance where someone was successful in trying to turn my identity into money. There have been 87 other attempts to steal my identity, but the system works.�

See the video Here:

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That is a perfect point actually. We can find anything out about anyone today! My mom has never had a computer yet her name, address and deed can be found online too. My deceased grandparents data and SSN's are online to be found too.

That's the reason Todd Davis puts his SSN out there to show that it's already out there -do something to protect it. But whomever put that info up there -looks like they did it maliciously. Not cool.

It's really simple -if we don't like a product or company -we aren't forced to do business with them. I believe ID protection is a service of convenience -and to me, having someone to turn to when hearing your id has been stolen is of value -but that's my my opinion. Who's to say whether or not it is of value to you or anyone else? People spend their money on different things. Is there really a right or wrong?

Thanks for pointing out that blog -because it proves the point...our information is already out there -everywhere. The question is -do you want to put safeguards in place yourself and restore your identity if stolen yourself too -or do you choose to let someone do it for you? I choose convenience -and security. And don't want to be told I shouldn't or can't have that choice.

P.S. Thanks to all for the emails, calls, posts and much appreciated support -it's been overwhelming! It is what keeps me sane :)

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