Think Your Home is Safe? You Might Want to Hear Jack's Story...

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On SpotLight Thursday:

Meet the founder of Robert John Wright (aka Jack Wright).

Hear how he lost his home even though he made all his payments. And how he has been fighting to find justice for himself, and those who visit his site at -an active site where mortgage servicing victims share their stories --validating how Jack and others have been fighting against mortgage servicing fraud and unlawful foreclosures.

Mortgage servicing victims tell their side of the mortgage crisis story---the side you're not accustomed to hearing --unless, and until, it happens to you.

For more info on mortgage servicing abuses and be sure to learn more about Jack's story by watching these 2 videos. at 1:00 P.M. EDT Thursday May 29th.

We welcome questions and comments on the live show. You can call in to SpotLight at (718) 664-6583.

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If you agree borrowers should have access to a monthly statement to track and verify how (and if) their payments are applied & received timely...please read borrower comments and then consider signing the petition for monthly mortgage statements.

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