Is Your Personal Information Sitting in Someone's Shopping Card

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Thieves May Be Stealing and Selling Your I.D.

You are a commodity. Thieves buy and sell people's identities 24 hours a day in fast-paced chat rooms. Dan Clements showed us how the chat rooms work. Clements founded, a company that has infiltrated this Internet underworld to look out for its clients.
Criminals may be buying, selling your credit card numbers in online chat rooms.

"Right now these Internet hackers are here in real time buying and selling your personal information," Clements said.

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Credit card numbers can be purchased for a dollar or less if you buy in bulk. And so-called full profiles, including a Social Security number and mother's maiden name, are available for just $80. ATM pin numbers and platinum cards cost extra. Clements also showed us a Russian criminal Web site where you can click next to people's identities and put them in your cart.

"It's just like you're shopping online." Clements said. "It just so happens that they're selling credit cards."

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