A Glitch Here & A Crash There

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Thanks to all that listened to our first live radio show SpotLight -yesterday.

The e-mails and support are very much appreciated!

As we move forward, we hope to make SpotLight a show that is interactive, informative, and most of all helpful to you. As this was our first live show -we had a few glitches ! We were unable to take your calls and want to apologize for that. We have (hopefully) figured it out -and hope you will continue to listen and call in to the show next week. Again, we are very appreciative for all your support and encouragement!

Yesterday on SpotLight, we noted an upcoming guest, Jack Wright who is the founder of msfraud.org and a victim of mortgage servicing fraud. We encouraged you to visit his site...

Unfortunately, not long after our show aired, his site crashed and is currently shut down.

Jack would like you to know he is working on it and has his webmaster investigating the source of the problem . Hopefully, the site will be up and running again soon.

To view a couple of video's and learn more about Jack's story-see an earlier blog here:

Here's Why We Need The Right To Receive A Monthly Mortgage Statement ON All Mortgages!

If you missed the show yesterday, you can listen to the archive here:

Listen to Welcome to

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