Peter's Story: Can Anyone Help Me Wake Up From This Mortgage Nightmare?

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Denise, I will try to be brief but the deceit has caused me such emotional turmoil that I feel like giving up.

My problem began when I went to the closing of my loan on March 23, 2006 and all the numbers for the mortgage changed - the interest rate, and the closing costs as well.

I saw they had added an ARM when I was promised a fixed rate.

When I complained the brokers insisted that it was a fixed rate, fixed for three years.

I refused to sign the loan and told them to go back to Countrywide and rework the loan, they scheduled another closing the following week on the 27th.

I still was not happy with the reworked numbers and when I told them I would not sign them, they threatened to sue me for breach, and would further sue me for all the closing costs which amounted to $24,000 on a $199,000.00 loan.

I knew I had three day's to rescind the mortgage, which would give me time to research their threat of suing me for all the closing expenses.

Two two day's later my bank called to inform me that Countrywide wired the funds into my account before my rescission period was up.

When I called Countrywide to inform them they did not give me my three day right of rescission to rescind the loan as mandated by law, they referred me to their Jacksonville office.

I informed the Jacksonville office and they said they would conduct an investigation.

After making many follow up calls to learn if there was any progress and receiving no response, I called the Countrywide' fraud hotline. Again, no response.

I once again called Countrywide's customer service phone number and after being transferred numerous times, I finally got someone to listen to me and promised to start an investigation.

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If you think you can help Peter -please email me and I will get you in touch with him.

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