Why We Need The Right To Receive A Monthly Mortgage Statement

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I have highlighted Robert "Jack" Wright's story (founder of msfraud.org ) on several occasions.

Below are a couple of videos that cut to the core of the mortgage servicing nightmare . It points out how an innocent man (one of many) had his home foreclosed on --yet he hadn't missed a payment. In fact, Jack overpaid his mortgage servicer --and still lost his home. If we don't expose what is happening to innocent borrowers, we can't hope to stop it. What happened to Jack could happen to anyone who holds a mortgage and doesn't receive a monthly statement allowing the borrower to track and verify their mortgage payments are applied accurately.
Jack's story and others, including my own nightmare, serves as a reminder --how important it is to have access to a full accounting of our mortgage loan --in order to deter and detect fraud and/or accounting problems. Consumers need the ability to verify that their mortgage is being handled properly and the payments are applied accurately.

Watch these videos, then urge your Congressional representatives to do the same. Then ask them if they can explain how it is mortgage servicers are not mandated to send borrowers a monthly statement --and more importantly --ask them to explain how it's possible that people like Jack continue to be wrongfully put out on the streets without missing a payment --and how it's acceptable that he and other innocent families --including many disabled homeowners, continue to live in fear they could be forever put out of their homes without justification or cause.

The home you save might just be your own! All too often the media doesn't dig deep enough to find the truth behind the spin. Victims are being labeled deadbeats who don't pay their mortgages -watch these videos and then ask yourself who's the deadbeat?

See more:

Jack Lost his house!

And he's still fighting for justice and accountability! Jack's not alone.

These are the types of stories that aren't be publicized -but need to be told.

Notice the date of this blog post is 2008. Watch for many more stories to follow-- unless predatory mortgage servicing practices and fraudulent foreclosures are stopped, before more innocent families find themselves kicked out of their homes.


No surprise here ---unfortunately, predatory mortgage servicing practices and fraudulent foreclosures --didn't stop. So follow the above links to learn much more about mortgage servicing lawsuits, investigations, homeowner stories and more--through and including 2011.

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In February 2005 I was working at the Sarasota Herald Tribune. I had found a for sale by owner home I was interested in buying. I had just gone through a divorce and this would be my first home purchase. Cheryl Phillips was our company credit manager and she came to solicit me for her husband Verne Phillips who worked for Southeast Capital Advisors llc owned by Arthur R. Seaborne.

She took me to meet Verne and I hired him as my mortgage broker. I did not know Seaborne at this time. As the deal began I was ignored, lied to and threatened. I was refused an inspection on the house and was told by Seaborne that if I did not close without the inspection I would lose my earnest money and be sued for the price of the house.

This man falsified my loan application and forged my signature to a balloon note for 56K that he gave to the sellers as my down payment. Therefore he lied as well to the lenders at the time World Savings.

I was kept away from the house for a week after closing and was threatened by the Sarasota Police to be sent to jail if I went near the house that I now owned. I never received keys to the house and when I finally did get into the house it was filled with mold, plumbing leaks, foundation leaks, roof leaks and all the sellers trash and dirt.

Since then I tried to clean up the house to no avail, it is overrun with toxic mold to which I am allergic. I DO NOT LIVE IN THE HOUSE AS IT MAKES ME DEATHLY ILL.

I contacted the FBI and the state office of financial regulations about this crime perpetuated upon me. A Detective called me daily threatening me with criminal charges for signing the loan docs I was forced to sign. His constant harassing calls cost me my job. After I found new employment an Agent with the FBI began calling my new work to find me then began his barrage of harassing calls costing me yet another job.

At this point I have hired 2 different lawyers. One, took my retainer of 2k and did nothing. Then came the only lawyer I could find to accept my case of mortgage fraud and non disclosure with little funds up front as I have no money now.

After doing some investigating I have found that Art Seaborne lost his RE license after the OFR found he practiced mortgage fraud back in 1989. Why did they ever give him a mortgage brokers license in 2000 knowing he was already found guilty of fraud previously?

I now am broke, I have a house that is falling to the ground from mold, literally and I owe 290K plus on, my credit has gone from 780 to well below 400, I cannot get a job and I an destitute while Art Seaborne hires the best lawyers in the country and the sellers drag out my case for the non disclosure so I will not be able to afford to complete it and my lawyer will not communicate with me now because I cannot pay him.

I have read about the mortgage fraud victim’s fund and I desperately need this help so I can find the justice and restitution I deserve. Had the OFR not been negligent I would not be here dying as I am now. I am a 48-year-old divorced woman with a BA who now has no life. I was intended to get my Masters at USF and now I cannot even afford to eat everyday. I had a beautiful and promising life ahead of me and believe the State of Florida has robbed me of this life.

I can get no one from the OFR or the FBI or any other state entity to help me or to tell me what is going on. Please help me. Please!

I figure that if no one in this State takes responsibility for the crime that the state perpetuated upon me I WILL HAVE TO DO WHAT EVER I CAN TO SAVE MYSELF. I am going to write a scathing book accusing this state of the irresponsibility and crimes that the State of Florida has put on me and all the nasty details and names that go with it. I have the facts to back me up in this. I MUST DO SOMETHING TO SAVE MY LIFE!

Will you please help me? I am a law abiding and tax-paying citizen of this state. I even graduated from USF so I gave the state of Florida my hard earned money there.

I refuse to let this go and just give-up all my dreams and aspirations so the fat cats of the State of Florida can save face in their illegal dealings. I will win or die trying!

Please, please help me help myself back to a real life.

Hi there,
Great post, I just stumbled upon it and I'm already a fan.

Everything in this artyicle about Art Seaborne is accurate. He falsified hundreds of World Savings Bank (can you say bank fraud?) It's why his mortgage business license and personal mortgage license was revoked in 2009. He's a total fraud fraud. SA attorney's office in Sarasota had arrest warrant issued for him in July 2006. Fact. Feds took case over.

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