April Brought More Than Showers...Hefty Data Losses Reported

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Baltimore Highway Administration - [2008-04-25]
(Employee information for about 1,800 accidentally exposed on internal server)

Health Gloria Tam - [2008-04-25]
(Medical data and identity on 700 children exposed)

University of Colorado at Boulder - [2008-04-25]
(Names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of about 9,500 on compromised server)

WiseBuys - [2008-04-25]
(Hundreds of credit and debit card numbers reported stolen)

Chrysler Financial - [2008-04-23]
(Data tape lost in transit contained personal information)

Southern Connecticut State University - [2008-04-23]
(11,000 students and alumni exposed on website)

University of Texas Health Science Center - [2008-04-23]
(Social Security numbers available on about 2,000 billing envelopes)

CollegeInvest - [2008-04-22]
(Lost hard drive exposes 200,000 customers during office relocation)

University of Massachusetts - [2008-04-22]
(Hackers breach system accessing thousands of medical records)

Boots Dental Plan - [2008-04-22]
(Account details of 34,000 stolen from courier)

LendingTree - [2008-04-22]
(Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and other personal information inappropriately accessed)

Bank of Ireland - [2008-04-22]
(Account information, addresses, and medical information of 10,000 on stolen laptops)

Central Collection Bureau - [2008-04-19]
(Social Security numbers and names of 700,000 on stolen server)

University of Miami - [2008-04-17]
(Stolen tapes containing names, addresses, and medical records of 2.1 million patients)

Connecticut State University System / Buffalo State / Northwest Missouri State University - [2008-04-17]
(Stolen laptop contains names and Social Security numbers of 20,500 students)

University of Virginia - [2008-04-16]
(Social Security numbers and names of over 7,000 on stolen laptop)

Stokes County High Schools - [2008-04-14]
(Stolen computer exposes 800 student names and Social Security numbers)

University of Toledo - [2008-04-13]
(Name, address, and Social Security numbers for 6,488 exposed on internal server)

West Seneca School District - [2008-04-12]
(Students hack school district computer system 1,800 employees notified)

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center - [2008-04-11]
(Names, phone numbers and some Social Security numbers of 40,000 stolen by employee)

Joliet West High School - [2008-04-10]
(Names and Social Security numbers of "about every student enrolled" accessed)

Wellcare - [2008-4-08]
(71,000 insurance records including Social Security numbers exposed on internet)

WellPoint - [2008-04-08]
(Social Security numbers and medical information for about 128,000 exposed on internet)

Pfizer - [2008-04-07]
(Stolen laptop contains names and credit card numbers of about 800)

University of California, Irvine - [2008-04-04]
(Up to 7,000 affected - very few details available)

Okemo Mountain Resort - [2008-04-01]
(Computer network breach exposes tens of thousands of credit card transactions)

Advance Auto Parts - [2008-03-31]
("Network intrusion" exposes financial information for up to 56,000)

Source: Attrition.org
Find links for full details on these and other data breaches here.

Do you know what steps to take when your information is stolen -and then used to steal YOU?

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