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Since 2005, more than 230 million Americans have received notice that their personal information has gone missing.

Recently, Congress has taken some steps to provide consumers with basic safeguards to protect personal information and prevent identity theft; however, much more needs to be done. As consumers we need to be united in urging Congress to:

1. Establish stronger penalties for third party agencies that lose a consumer's personal information
2. Request stronger penalties for criminals that commit identity theft
3. Assign more funding to law enforcement to fight this crime
4. Enact laws to prevent agencies from selling personal information
5. Demand that the Social Security Administration create a checks-and-balances system for the correct use of Social Security numbers

Sign Lifelock's petition before March 6, 2008 when it will be delivered to Congress.

Join LifeLock® in urging your Congressional Representatives to enact stronger identity theft protection legislation.

You might need it one day.

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