Facebook Security Breach Exposes Private Photos

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Computer Technician Reveals Flaw In Security

Many people feel secure in posting information and files on the popular Facebook web site, but as it was revealed early this week it might not be that secure.

Byron Ng, a computer technician revealed that it was possible to access private files that were supposed to be secure on Facebook. Mr. Ng is a computer technician who lives and works in Vancouver B.C. He went looking for security flaws when Facebook announced recently that it was free from security flaws.

While some see the actions of people such as Byron Ng as hacking, in reality it is not so. Mr. Ng looked for a breach, and when he found it he announced it first privately to the company, and then to the world at large.

Such actions serve to help safeguard the Net, not to hack against it. The security breach comes after an announced Facebook upgrade last week that gave 40 million users supposedly more control over what was viewed by other people. There have been warnings from other groups about the privacy of social networking sites, and for users to beware.

Facebook immediately said it was working on the problem, and they would continue to make improvements to the site.

Part of the information that was accessed by Mr. Ng on the Facebook site was photos of Paris Hilton and her brother Nicholas.


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