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"Debt Collector Frauds; Freddie Mac / Wells Fargo Real
Estate Frauds; Court Collusion"
By GUEST BLOGGER: Barbara Ann Jackson -Law & Grace, Inc.
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DEBT COLLECTION fraud is the prime method for accomplishing fraudulent
real estate flippings. Real estate foreclosures are bonanzas of deceptive lending because foreclosures enable the flipping, and flipping enables misleading INVESTORS concerning housing market profits. In fact, because of FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS, scores of people HAVE NOT LAWFULLY lost ownership of their properties, and legally are STILL THE OWNERS, but they do not know it. Even worse, some homeowners are being sued under "DEFICIENCY" judgments although the foreclosure itself is null.

Debt Collector Attorneys deliberately file foreclosures naming defunct
mortgage companies, or companies which no longer hold the notes; or
affix collectors' fees exceeding "Acceleration Clauses." If
homeowners sue for "Unfair Debt Collection Practices," collectors make
more $$ through protracted litigation. Additionally, some collectors
file in Bankruptcy Court falsified motions to "Lift Stay" pleadings
for purposes of accomplishing SIMULATED AUCTIONS of real estate

For a purported debt of $86,000.00, through use of a non-existent
mortgage company, attorneys racked up more than a quarter of a million
dollars in litigation fees. Later, the property was sold to a 3rd
party for $37,000.00. Investors got nothing, nothing practical was
accomplished by evicting the homeowners, and neighborhood property
values declined.

Also, as an added measure to heighten chances of judicial favor,
collector attorneys propagate that defaulted property owners are
costing their clients a lot of money, while the true culprit is
collectors' fraud and racketeering. Exploiting distressed property
owners for purposes of making money from their predicaments and then lying on them to the courts has to be the cruelest exploitation and maligning against
people faced with becoming homeless!

Because WELLS FARGO and FREDDIE MAC greatly benefit from fraudulent
foreclosures in States like Louisiana, ANY representation about $$$
billion dollar losses due to people defaulting on mortgages should be
weighed against needless payments of legal fees to law firms which
outmaneuver -and even persecute people who file court proceedings in
opposition to fraudulent foreclosures and repossessions. No results
came from constituents' reports and allegations to our local members
of the U.S. Congress about Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac. However, even
Rep. Richard Baker, R-La., spoke years ago of Freddie Mac's activities
as "entering ENRON territory" for which there was reason to "be
gravely concerned."

Despite the many probes into factors of the mortgage crisis, there has
been almost no investigation of the most lethal mortgage mess
need to seek the whereabouts of perhaps billions of dollars and
massive amounts of real estate that winds up in the collector
attorneys' possession -as well as examine the scores of attorney
bankruptcy court frauds.

In August 2005,Freddie Mac evicted Louisiana property owners because
Freddie Mac falsely claims to have purchased their property in year
2005, from a mortgage company which has been defunct since year 2002.

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Barbara Ann Jackson
Law & Grace, Inc.

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