Consumers Union Demands Cell Phone Companies "Hear Us Now"

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Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports is an independent, testing and information non-profit organization that serves only consumers. They are a comprehensive source for unbiased advice about products and services, personal finance, health and nutrition, and other consumer concerns. a project of Consumers Union is pushing for better and more affordable cell phone services for consumers.

Watch their new video spoof -and then create and submit your own.

Consumers Union testified February 27th on behalf of all cell phone customers--and now, after years of delay, Congress is finally stepping in for your benefit. believes it's time that companies compete for our business based on the quality of service and price, and not profit from misleading claims and hidden costs.

Has your cell phone company trapped you with a whopping early termination fee--$150 to $200?

They may also "lock" the phone itself, to make doubly sure you don't leave, even if the service is poor.

Simple reforms will help lower your price and improve your service:

* stop cell phone locking, so you don't have to throw your phone in the trash when you switch companies;
* eliminate or pro-rate early termination penalties;
* allow any legal application--such as instant messaging or maps--on your phone that you want.

Another legitimate complaint consumers have with cell phone companies...don't make promises you don't plan to keep! Consumers often make decisions on which cell phone to purchase based on promised "rebates". However, many report they submit the proper forms required to claim the rebate -but the rebate is later denied or never received.

Consumers Union has made it easy to send your message to Congress. Just click here.

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