Beware of Telephone Medicare Scam Targeting Seniors

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A widely spread phone solicitation scam has been targeting unsuspecting seniors. The scammers claim to be a representative from Medicare and assert that they have designed a new Medicare card that would allow seniors to pay a one time fee of $389.00 rather than their higher monthly Part B premium. But -in order for the senior to receive this savings they must provide the caller with their Social Security Number and bank account information.

Medicare does not initiate calls or solicitations and insist that seniors never give out personal information. These telephone calls are just another way that thieves have found to steal an identity and money from bank accounts.

According to the better business bureau, this is not the first time scammers have used these tactics, but some senior citizens are still unaware and vulnerable. Medicare never conducts business over the phone.

Any senior receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be a Medicare representative requesting personal information, should immediately hang up! The Better Business Bureau suggests reporting the incident to your local police department , your Medicare provider and your state Attorney General'.

I called my Mom to warn her about this latest con which turned out to be a good thing...two days later she received a call from a fake Medicare representative and before he finished his sentence -she hung up. Take a few minutes to pass this on or make a quick phone call to warn your parents and other seniors who may not be aware of this scam -it just may save them from losing their savings and their identity.

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