Homeowners pay their mortgages, but face foreclosure

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Port Richey, Florida - Barbara Smith says it's very scary to think of losing your home when all you want to do is make your payments.

But that became a reality for Smith, after Litton Mortgage Servicing took over her mortgage and her payments went from $963 a month to $1,412. She says the company added insurance to the mortgage, although she already had her own.

"I've been trying to get that rectified and trying to get it settled with the company to no avail," she says.
Nadine Knowles was in the same boat with her home. She had paperwork showing she paid the original loan amount, but the company tried to charge her extra for taxes and insurance she'd already taken care of.
She refused to pay, and last week her home was sold at auction.

For much more info on mortgage servicing issues see: MSFraud.org


Helen has a mortgage mess -can anyone help her?

What if we could stop some foreclosure nightmares? We could -but it would take an Act of Congress!

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