Credit Union attacked by identity thieves and restricts online banking due to widespread Phishing Scam

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Identity theft scammers unleash widespread attack

LAKEWOOD - Jeffco Credit Union has temporarily restricted online banking because of a wave of phone calls and e-mails trying to con customers into giving up sensitive information.

Candace Mowers of Lakewood is not a Jeffco member, but she received one of the suspicious-sounding automated calls Friday afternoon.

Mowers says she became alarmed when the automated voice asked her to enter her credit card number.

"I thought, 'Wait a minute,'" she said. "A bank wouldn't do this."

The mechanized voice announces it is the "Jeffco Credit Union Security Department." It claims the recipient of the call must verify credit card information to avoid an account suspension due to fraudulent activity.

A similar e-mail, complete with authentic-looking Jeffco logos, is also making the rounds. 9NEWS received several of them. The e-mail links to a website designed to look like Jeffco's online banking system.

Bobby Mathis, manager of the Jeffco branch in Lakewood, says the credit union has been deluged over with reports of the phony calls since Thursday.

On Friday afternoon, Jeffco limited online banking to account viewing only, disabling transfers and withdrawals, in an attempt to prevent losses by customers. MORE

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