Who's Swiping Your Card?

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My local NBC news station did an investigative report on credit card readers and the growing concerns that these readers are being used to steal your credit card information -more often than you know about.

When we go out to eat, millions of us use a credit or debit card to pay for our food and drink. Fast food. Pay with a credit card. And move on.

But credit card skimming, when a cashier records your number by secretly swiping it through this device, is is on the rise and many consumers are unaware of the risks.

It's been a growing concern as investigators continue to find that identity theft ring leaders hire so-called skimmers or better known as "runners" to find jobs in restaurants or places that will give them the best access to YOUR personal information.

See also: "RFID" readers -a growing threat Hackers can purchase tools...

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