Laptop theft on the rise! GPS for laptops...who knew?

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Reports over just the past two weeks underscored the ease and brazenness with which thieves can steal laptop computers. Robert Siciliano, a widely televised and quoted personal security and identity theft expert, said the unrelenting pace of laptop computer theft is a symptom of poor security choices. According to Siciliano, smart organizations have yet more reason to rethink the measures they take to secure mobile computing devices. He pointed to MyLaptopGPS™.

"At least seventy thousand personal data files have possibly fallen into the hands of criminals as the result of laptop computers reported stolen in just the past two-week timeframe," said Siciliano. "But laptop computer security is in fact an affordable, feasible proposition. Those who store their customers', employees, and other constituents' sensitive data on mobile computing devices owe it to these people to avail themselves of security technologies from companies such as MyLaptopGPS, which tracks stolen laptops with Internet-based GPS and allows users from remote locations to delete files on stolen machines." more

I've often discussed the importance of safeguarding laptops and noted the continuing growth of laptop thefts that leave us all vulnerable to dangerous data breaches. Laptops are as valuable as gold to identity thieves! Though I have not personally tried out this product, MyLaptopGPS, just might be worth checking out. If you have this product -let me know what you think.

The product combines Internet-based GPS tracking -- which, for tracking and retrieving stolen laptops, is more effective than other forms of GPS -- with other functionalities to secure mobile computing devices. Users launch MyLaptopGPS' features remotely, protecting data even while the machine is in a criminal's hands. Once connected to the Internet, the software silently retrieves, and then deletes, files from machines as it tracks the stolen or missing hardware -- at once returning the data to its rightful owner and removing it from the lost computer...more at Transworldnews

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