A Holiday Tip: "Block" your wallet from hackers & thieves. Do you know "who's" in your wallet?

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With the holidays upon us it's important not to forget it is peak season for crime. And criminals are gearing up to steal whatever they can from you -including you!

Not too long ago I blogged about an investigative report that aired on my local ABC station WPLG

The reporter demonstrated how easily thieves can hack, skim and steal our personal information when RFID (radio frequency identification) chip technology is contained in our credit cards, passports, drivers' licenses, corporate ids, university ids, access cards and speed passes.

By using "skimmers" or RFID "readers" easily available for purchase on the web -thieves can gain access to you -and your wallet, without your knowledge. Once an RFID reader is in the hands of thieves, your information is vulnerable and at risk, especially in busy shopping malls, airports, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, or simply walking down a busy street.

The holidays are among us and so too are hungry data thieves. Crime and fraud rates rise dramatically at a time many of us are too busy to give it a thought. It's worth re-posting this video along with additional information that may be useful during this hectic, yet risky, time of year.

California Government ID cards hacked

...the experiment illustrated just how easy it is for a hacker to read those radio frequency identification cards from a few feet away. If you can read someone's information, then literally in a mater of seconds clone someone's card and pass yourself off as them, imagine the mischief that people can do..."

What can you do to prevent your information from being skimmed?

There are inexpensive RFID blocking wallets that when used will ensure that any cards carrying RFID tags can NOT be read while the wallet is closed. The wallet acts as a protective shield giving you the ability to control when, how and by whom your cards are accessed.

Looking for a gift idea or stocking stuffer? Think about an RFID blocking wallet.

RFID blocking wallets come in various colors and sizes. They look the same as any other wallet -but provide the valuable safety feature others wallets don't.

It's much better to be proactive than it is to be reactive. Spending a little money now just may save you a lot of money, time and headaches later.

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