In Debt We Trust -Gripping Documentary About The Consumer Debt Industy

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Who shares the responsibility for the massive consumer debt owed -and the foreclosure crisis?

In this new documentary In Debt We Trust, Director Danny Schechter provides a spellbinding story -one that will forever alter your view of debt and the multi-billion dollar consumer debt industry.

"It is time to stop this squeeze and help people stay in their homes. We need debt relief in the form of a moratorium on foreclosures and an investigation into the government's failure to protect consumers and prosecute the predatory practices of major lenders.

The foreclosure crisis is a window into the larger credit and debt crisis that is squeezing millions of people, deepening economic inequality and illustrating the need for politicians to speak out and individuals to take a stand."

"Credit card companies can only make their billions in profit if we go into debt. It's a very simple concept, but they, as Schechter shows us, are masters at getting us to spend, spend, spend!" review at Buzzflash...

Sun-Sentinel April 27

Filmmaker wants to rally against consumer debt industry with In Debt We Trust
Director Danny Schechter doesn't have a small goal in mind. As he promotes his independent film, In Debt We Trust, he says he wants to create a grass-roots national campaign against the consumer debt industry. Schechter hopes to build a campaign called Americans for Debt Relief Now around the film. SEE

Schechter's documentary movie, which premiered in March, will be screened Monday and Tuesday in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is bringing the movie to its Cinema Paradiso.

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Indeed, credit card debts have become a nationwide American problem. As for me, I'm also subject to credit card debt. Now I'm taking pains to pay it off and restore my credit score.

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