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A message from Public Justice...

Have you had an award issued against you by the National Arbitration Forum, on a debt you never owed to begin with, after objecting to the arbitration to no avail? Or did you experience NAF favoritism toward credit card companies, against debtors? Your experience could play an important role in an ongoing investigation into the practices of the NAF.

This office is assisting the GIVE ME BACK MY RIGHTS Campaign in gathering research. In particular, we are interested in speaking to individuals who have personally experienced situations in which the NAF has allegedly:

entered an arbitration award against a person who was a victim of identity theft, or mistaken identity,
been dishonest to consumers, or
broken its own rules or twisted its rules in another outrageous way.

The Give Me Back My Rights Campaign is working with concerned legislators both in the U.S. Congress and in a number of states about abuses of consumers in mandatory arbitration, and we've received a number of questions about the behavior and practices of NAF. We have also received questions from a number of reporters around the country. Also, a number of consumers in different parts of the country are challenging various practices of the NAF, and some lawyers handling these cases are looking for consumers who have been mistreated by NAF to come forward and testify as witnesses in their cases.

If you have a story to tell, and might be willing to share your experience with the media or testify in court, please click here. Please give a BRIEF description of your experience. We will forward the information to the campaign, and you may or may not be contacted to follow up. This is NOT an offer of legal representation; your story will be used to help prove that the NAF is biased in favor of its corporate clients, and hopefully to help others avoid arbitration before the NAF. Your information will not be used without your consent.

Note: Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is now known as Public Justice

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