Do Americans have the best laws money can buy? decide!

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Our consumer protection laws seem to be dwindling away at a time we need them most and at a time privacy concerns, data breaches and widespread identity theft continues to blossom at alarming rates.

Is it a case of America simply receiving the best laws money can buy caused by increasing demands of powerful industry lobbyists? Our consumer protection laws should be based on the needs of all citizens and not based on the wants of special interest groups. Have we forgotten the difference between wants and needs? They are two very different things.

As a consumer who turned advocate after my own epic battle to reclaim my true and accurate credit rating, I can testify first hand to the consequences of, and steep price paid, by consumers when inaccurate credit data haunts your life and won't go away. Whether the dirty data occurs from a data breach that leads to an identity theft or erroneous credit information is laced throughout your credit file caused by any myriad of reasons, the single biggest complaint among victims is their inability to clean the dirty data and stop it from being disseminated.

Our congressional representatives comprise of very wise, judicious, knowledgeable men and women-that's why we voted for them -Right? Then why don't they see we need stronger laws in place to stop the effects of identity theft, and the need to close countless gaping loopholes that exist within the complex laws they created. Why is it they can't see that by abolishing state laws as a current proposed bill is seeking to do, would only serve to allow identity theft to grow at an even more frightening rate than it is?

Our laws should not be for sale -for any price -they should be the best laws money can't buy!

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